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AT PELCO WE CARE ABOUT CREATING THE BEST FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - the safest and best experience of use, the best range of ladders and accessories that suit the purpose they’re used for.

We’re committed to keep making our products better: continually evolving the design and its detailing. We are a friendly, diverse community of crafters, joiners, engineers and innovators passionate about the products were create. We pay careful attention to detail and everything is carefully and thoughtfully crafted. From the length of an oar to the stability of a stile, each detail is thought through in order to see how it can best support the user and keep him or her safe. We’re doing our bit for the environment: we take dirty old by-product of petrol and we turn it into a thing that lasts a lifetime.If you own or have used a ladder or oar from Pelco (or Gull) you’re in the right place! We make all our own products from our factory in Palmerston North, New Zealand. 


"It all started in 1937 when a painter friend asked my Grandfather to make him a ladder" - Bruce Woodfield

 This was the start of a timber manufacturing business that has survived a World War and economic ups and downs over 7 decades. Pelco’s aim is to design the world's safest, most durable and most customer friendly Ladders and Oars.

In 2018 Pelco was purchased by Michael Fletcher who has worked with PELCO's exisiting team to upgrade the exisiting products and services and bringing exciting new products to the market. 

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