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Why Choose Fibre Reinforced Composite Oars?

We are so excited to present our upgraded Oar range. These Fibre Reinforced Composite Oars are long lasting, harder wearing and available now!

Our Fibre Reinforced Composite Oars are the only NZ made Oar on the market. These are manufactured by hand right here in our Palmerston North factory. Try them out yourself to test the incredible durability, ease of use and trust us you won't be disappointed!

Our Oars are perfect for rowing dingy's, rowing boats, inflatables and rafts etc.

If you are interested in Kayak Paddles, see our range here.

Orphan oars ready for a new home!

Consider These Features

LOCAL - NZ made, right here in Palmerston North. Shafts made from NZ sustainably grown pine.

LIGHTWEIGHT - 1.3-1.5kg each with a 44mm diameter pine shaft.

STRONG - Carefully selected pine for straight grain to maximise strength. High quality urethane sleeves and nylon rowlocks.

DURABLE - Extremely robust glass reinforced polypropylene oar blades. No splitting, no cracking, low maintenance!

CUSTOMISABLE - Fully customisable shaft lengths, most kept in stock and available immediately.

RELIABLE - This team have been manufacturing our high quality kayak paddle blades this way for nigh on 40 years. You can rely on this product!