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Why choose Pelco Fiberglass ladders?

Just as we believe our Lamilite Ladders are the best Timber Extension Ladders you can buy, we also believe our new Fibreglass Ladders are the best Fibreglass Ladders for Electricity Linesmen and all safety conscious Trades people and home handy people – safe, durable and user friendly.

Available in three styles:

PELCO Extension Ladders are available with the hauling rope system fitted in any of the three common positions:

  • centre pulley
  • offset pulley
  • side pulley. 

Pelco fits braided polyester rope to Extension Ladders as polyester is the best rope for resistance to UV radiation. Pelco Fibreglass Ladders are designed to exceed all the requirements of Australia / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1892/3  and European Standard EN131.

Why choose Pelco Fiberglass ladders?

  • STRENGTH: Pelco Fibreglass Ladders stiles have thicker corners which prevents splitting along the corners and concentrates strength where it is needed.
  •  RIGIDITY: Box-section Ladder stiles are torsionally rigid. Box-section stiles also allow deep rung joints which are naturally rigid and free of twist.
  • DURABILITY: Pelco’s Fibreglass ladder stiles are made from Vinylester resin coloured white. The best resin and an excelled UV blocker. 
  •  USER FRIENDLY: Pelco’s spring loaded clutch arrests the free-fall of the top section at all aspects of Ladder operation. Plastic glides, braided polyester rope and a proven pole becket complete our design.
  • SAFE: The essential elements of any Ladder – Strength, Stability, Durability, Weight and Cost are all interrelated. Any Ladder which is lighter and/or cheaper is almost certainly less strong and less durable. The designers at PELCO believe they have achieved the best possible balance of all these factors, with the emphasis on Safety.