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Why choose Wooden Lamilite Pelco ladders?

Safe, Reliable and made in Palmerston North since 1937!

Pelco's patented design of Ladder stile features strong, stringy Mountain Ash edges bonded to a light weight Pine core and with a fully encased fiberglass rod bonded in. Pelco's design provides a safe, rigid, long lasting ladder suitable for all electrical and trade uses.

​ Pelco's Extension Ladders come in two basic designs:

  •  Pole Becket versions: for Electricity Linemen and Communications installers. These feature a Pole Becket made up of three layers of nylon webbing encased in a plastic sleeve which will conform to the shape of the pole. 
  •  Plain top version for all other building trades and for homeowners. 

Consider these features:

LIGHTWEIGHT - The unique features of Lamilite Ladders provide a weight saving of up to 30% over traditional timber ladders. 

RIGID -Pelco's unique rung/stile joint produces Ladders which are reliably more rigid and stable. 

DURABLE - Hardwood edges on the stiles increase strength and resist wear and weathering. 

STRONG - Fully enclosed bonded fiberglass reinforcing rods cannot break or conduct electricity.

SAFE - Safety grip alloy rungs save weight and do not break. Pelco’s unique spring loaded Safety Clutch prevents dangerous free fall of the top section.